Antilocapra Salamander

New Mexico Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool


Visualizing sensitive species and habitats across New Mexico


  • a conservation information system for energy development planners, natural resources managers, and conservation practitioners.
  • a tool to better incorporate wildlife values, sensitive animals and plants, and important ecosystem features into land use decision-making to reduce conflicts and surprises.
  • a collaborative project between the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish, Natural Heritage New Mexico at the University of New Mexico, and the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.

Use NM CHAT to quickly identify the location of New Mexico’s crucial wildlife habitat

NM CHAT provides:

  • landscape-level information on species and habitats.
  • a Crucial Habitat Rank at a square-mile scale based on:
    • Species of Concern (animals and plants)
    • Wildlife Corridors
    • Terrestrial Species of Economic and Recreational Importance
    • Aquatic Species of Economic and Recreational Importance
    • Freshwater Integrity (watershed status)
    • Wetland and Riparian Areas
    • Large Natural Areas
    • Natural Vegetation Communities of Concern
  • supplemental spatial data to aid conservation planning.
  • links to other information tools.

See Data for details.